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Carpets in your office or place or work are a way to make the space look stylish and comfortable, whilst also warm in winter. When deciding what kind of commercial carpet you are going to purchase, it’s important to consider which is able to withstand the most foot traffic (if your office isn’t particularly busy, then this isn’t too important) whilst still appearing beautiful.

Some commercially designed carpets come with a high density performance cushion or other PVC backing system to make it more sturdy. The strength of the carpet’s backing system is a crucial factor in it is strength, and the amount of pull it can withstand. Keep this in mind when selecting your carpet, particularly if it is going to be laid in a hospital or hotel lobby.

It is obviously inconvenient to have to lay your own carpet, especially if you are planning on installing it over a large office or several office spaces. Laying such a large amount of commercial carpet is too much work for one person! Similarly, there are a lot of small technical aspects to commercial carpet installation that could make your job even harder. Don’t stress about the quality of your newly laid carpet – call the experts at Floors R Us for a stress free installation.

In busy commercial spaces it is vital that your new carpet is laid as quickly as possible to ensure there is minimal disruption to your company’s day to day activities. At Floors R Us, we ensure that your carpet is installed quickly but perfectly, so you are able to get back to work soon. All installations are done at a reasonable price, and with a smile, so you have little to worry about once your initial carpet purchase is made.

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