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Carpet Tiles

In the long run, carpet tiles are the most cost-effective way to carpet a large area that experiences a high level of foot traffic. Due to their relative cheapness, they are a inexpensive substitute for conventional carpet that do come with multiple benefits. Carpet tiles are able to be installed relatively quickly, and in a range of geometric patterns (if you wish) as each square is individual. It is also easy to replace any tile that has become worn, thus eliminating the hassle of replacing a large section of carpet. This makes carpet tiles great for hallways and other busy spaces. Although they are simple to apply, for a hassle-free installation, call the team at Floors R Us who will be more than happy to lay your carpet tiles for you.

When purchasing your tiles it’s important to know how many tiles you need by correctly measuring your space. Most tiles generally come in 50x50cm squares, meaning you’ll need four for each square metre. It’s also vital that you are aware of any awkward cutting that may need to take place due to gas heaters, door frames etc. so purchasing a few spare is often helpful. Choosing whether you want self-adhesive tiles is also something else that needs to be considered. The staff at Floors R Us will accommodate any of your spacial needs.

Floors R Us will be more than happy to install your carpet tiles in your chosen space, so as to not only save you time, but also money. We ensure that all installations are completed in a timely manner so you can get back to work as quickly as possible. All projects are completed to your specifications and with a happy and positive attitude.

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